SquareTrade: iPhone Screen Fragile

WASHINGTON - Providers of mobile phone warranty, SquareTrade, said that approximately 82 percent of iPhone 4 proved to have a glass material is fragile and susceptible to rupture.

"We have examined from approximately 20,000 units of the iPhone that protected our property insurance. As many as 82 percent of the complaints claim comes from the iPhone screen is easily broken. In fact, this vulnerability is more severe than the iPhone 3G," said SquareTrade party, as quoted by Cellular News, On Wednesday (13/10/2010).

The study also found that approximately 25 percent of damage also involves the back of the iPhone glass. It is estimated that approximately 15.5 percent of iPhone users will certainly be damaged four mobile phones in the past year since they bought the iPhone.

This research was also supported by the first four months of data availability for the iPhone. They found that if Apple's decision to add a glass screen at the back of the device has contributed to greater damage on the iPhone.

IPhone screen cracks or rupture of vulnerable turns contribute to the complaints of insurance claims at SquareTrade. In fact, approximately four out of five complaints an insurance claim has to cover the screen iPhone-related accidents in the past four months. That is, the iPhone 4 tend to be more fragile than 3G. (Srn)


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