SquareTrade: iPhone Screen Fragile

WASHINGTON - Providers of mobile phone warranty, SquareTrade, said that approximately 82 percent of iPhone 4 proved to have a glass material is fragile and susceptible to rupture.

"We have examined from approximately 20,000 units of the iPhone that protected our property insurance. As many as 82 percent of the complaints claim comes from the iPhone screen is easily broken. In fact, this vulnerability is more severe than the iPhone 3G," said SquareTrade party, as quoted by Cellular News, On Wednesday (13/10/2010).

The study also found that approximately 25 percent of damage also involves the back of the iPhone glass. It is estimated that approximately 15.5 percent of iPhone users will certainly be damaged four mobile phones in the past year since they bought the iPhone.

This research was also supported by the first four months of data availability for the iPhone. They found that if Apple's decision to add a glass screen at the back of the device has contributed to greater damage on the iPhone.

IPhone screen cracks or rupture of vulnerable turns contribute to the complaints of insurance claims at SquareTrade. In fact, approximately four out of five complaints an insurance claim has to cover the screen iPhone-related accidents in the past four months. That is, the iPhone 4 tend to be more fragile than 3G. (Srn)
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Samsung and Apple, competitors who Befriend

HONG KONG - Apple has the iPhone and iPad, while Samsung has a few smartphones, and tablets. Whatever is done Apple, Samsung follow.

Samsung behaviors that tend to follow Apple's footsteps can be regarded as measures of competition. But apparently some analysts even suspect if Samsung and Apple are partners related real good.

"Apple and Samsung have a good partnership. Samsung could be regarded as the provider as well as a competitor for Apple, even though they have different strategies. Apple is targeting the high-end market segments, while Samsung wants to play in public markets and large," said Young Park, an analyst at Woori Investment and technology of Securities in South Korea, as quoted by Yahoo News, On Thursday (14/10/2010).

Not only that, more than a third component in the iPad, the iPhone and several other Apple devices were supplied by South Korean companies. That is, Samsung does have a fairly close relationship with Apple.

"Apple and Samsung could practically take advantage of each other. Apple seems to depend on components made by Samsung, while Samsung's own benefit from the innovation of Apple," said Young.

In addition to products, they also have a mobile platform. Apple with the iPhone OS, while the Samsung with Bada. Both have to compete hard to win the operating system market was also battered by the current Windows 7 Phone and Android. Responding to this, senior analyst from New York Investment Bank Rodman and Renshaw, Ashok Kumar, said that if the OS market, industry competition is actually taking place.

"In this huge market, we believe, ultimately there will be two platforms that will exist, namely the Apple and Android. And the platform Samsung will have the same value with Android," said Kumar.

He added that Apple is dominating the high-end market, along with the price of smartphones continue to fall. Samsung's own market Kumas predicted to increase, particularly in developing countries such as Brazil, China and India.

"Apple's premium product and will not be able to get into the more general market. This is where Samsung can get around their market share," says Kumar. (Srn)
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Microsoft Tablet Present At Christmas

SAN FRANCISCO - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sure if the operating system-based tablet computer besutannya be launched before the Christmas holiday.

"As a company we should cover all existing form factors. We have successfully created a Windows-based tablets and you will see a slate of Windows before Christmas," Ballmer said during an open lecture at the London School of Economics, as quoted by Telegraph, On Wednesday (10/06/2010).

Predicted, tablet computer market will be worth approximately $ 2 billion in 2012. Not surprisingly, then a lot of computers that participate vendir producing tablets. HP is no exception. For these markets, Apple has enjoyed huge success. While Dell would prefer to play in the market of Android-based tablet.

In addition to introducing a tablet, Ballmer also use this opportunity to explain about the enthusiasm they held a cloud computing service. According to Ballmer, smart devices, combined with cloud-based software, services and data, will allow users to access and share information more easily.

"The days of cloud technology getting smarter. Everyone wants a cloud-connected devices with an intelligent manner." Ballmer said. (Srn)
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